Okan Acar

Front-end Developer


I'm a Creative UI/UX and Web Developer

About me

I'm Okan ACAR , 1993 I was born in Usak . In 2012 I met with the Front End . I tried this as well as many project and the Company . Very rich and visual design process . Design for me is a passion. Not Just a Job !

Okan Acar


Okan Acar
26 years
Usak/Center, Turkey


"Design for me is a passion. Not Just a Job !"


Afyon Kocatepe University

Sep 2016 -

Computer Programming After 4 years of high school diploma , I started reading distance learning computer programming section entered the university exam. I hope to continue a good school year in school now will wait for me. Distance Learning

Usak Vocational Highschool

Aug 2009 - Jun 2012

Database Programming My curiosity had been started in 2004 on the computer to read the relevant sections of the high school as 2009. database Usak vocational high school I studied programming. Usak/Center


Anadolu Tourism

Mar 2016 -

Fulltime - IT Specialist He works as an IT Specialist internship you're Anatolia made ​​the company tourism . AVAILABLE AS with anadolu.com.t The development of the interface of the ETMS ticket system. Rapola up pages, gelişiril to the administrative pages. I've done some projects: the development of the Report screen design anadolubilgi.org system. Development of SQL queries. Usak | http://anadolu.com.tr

Sanal Santral

Feb 2014 - Jul 2015

Fulltime - Front end Developer Existing systems and the development of front-end mainly from outside the website. I do and sometimes the project : escene.com.t is , dinstar.com.t are some technologies that I allo.com.t to use: HTML CSS Photoshop PHP MySQL jQuery Izmir | http://sanalsantral.com.tr/

Likit Telecom

Apr 2013 - Feb 2014

Fulltime - Front end Developer I work with Likit Telecom of the website of the company UI / UX as I took part in development . Izmir | http://www.likittelekom.com.tr/


“Life without knowledge is death in disguise.”
- Talib Kweli


  • CSS(3)
  • HTML(5)
  • JSON
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • XML
  • JQuery
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Laravel Framework
  • Object Orientated Programming
  • LESS
  • SASS
  • SEO
  • Wordpress
  • AngularJS

This project is build on a custom made PHP framework.

See project on Github


“You can do anything you set your mind to.”
- Benjamin Franklin



Nostalji.co, Everything is now under construction in the name of nostalgia time.

Development, UI/UX, Bootstrap

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Parts of the code are Introducing to you I Pratikcode.com, you can easily find practical solutions in software projects is also a web project you can access a variety of sources.

Development, Design, Bootstrap

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Güntürkün Hukuk

Güntürkün Hukuk

gunturkunhukuk.com area under the name of the lawyer Ali Güntürkün behalf of law firm website work

Design, Development, Bootstrap

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Oranjebitter Rotterdam

Tanem Organizasyon

Tanem Organisation website of one company

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Vera Mulder


Usak Classic Automobile Association website

Development, Design, Bootstrap

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Retro Varill

Retro Varill Cafe & Fast Food

Development, Concept, Founder

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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. ”
- Henry Ford